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Flood Restoration

We provide professional flooding restoration services 24/7

We have experienced professionals to deal with emergency flooding in your house or office. We work swiftly after contacting by customers to prevent further damages. The water rapidly spreads and gets absorbed in furniture, carpet, walls, etc leading to irreparable damages. Our staffs are well equipped with advanced instruments to remove water, dry, clean, and kill harmful bacteria from your house immediately. Call our Wow Cleaning services experts quickly to restore your beautiful home/office as earlier.

Flooding is caused due to leakage/burst in pipes, sink overflow, heavy rain, sewage blockage, etc. Prolong flooding cause irreparable damage to carpet, furniture and even structural damages to wall. Water becomes contaminated growing harmful bacteria and molds. The dwellers face greater health risk if, sewage water causes flooding as it contains dangerous germs. Flooding even increases chance of getting electrocuted with wire submerged in water or using wet electronic appliances. Turn off the water source and plug off electricity instantly till our technicians arrive to avoid accidents.

Our expert technicians will arrive at your home instantly after contacting. The water will be extracted with automated pump and special dryer will be used to dry. Even the moisture in furniture, carpet, wall, and floor will be dried by circulating hot air. Mold, stains, sour smell, and bacteria are removed instantly using advanced techniques of cleaning with chemicals. Thus, we can help you in restoring your house from flooding.

We have won many hearts with our fast, efficient, and cost-effective flooding cleaning services in Auckland. We are experienced, certified, and insured. Call us now to get our expert technicians services for flooding in your home/offices.