Why Choose Us?

Guaranteed Quality Service and Satisfaction

WOW cleaning guarantees high quality service and complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any particular cleaning activity, it will be sorted in straight 24 hours times and if still you are not pleased with our service outcome.

It’s All About You

It is your house; hence we customize our services according to your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is about a particular room that needs more attention or a particular health issue that requires special living conditions, we will ensure that our every step is aligned to your unique specifications.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

WOW has always stressed on employing environment friendly and nature inspired means of cleaning. We have strived to provide our customers with cleaning solutions that are toxin free and safe for home use yet highly modern and effective.

WOW Cleaning Methodology

With years of experience and practice, we have devised a unique cleaning methodology which ensures total protection and thorough cleansing of every nook and corner of your home and office. Our exclusive cleaning checklist is customized and created based on our analysis, observation and your feedback. We do not believe in one-size-fit-all strategy and this reflects in the methods we employ to clean and maintain your premise.

Insurance Protected

We understand that for you your property is priceless. Hence, we make great efforts to ensure that a lot of care is taken while performing cleaning activities. Still, if something undesirable happens during the course of our service like any damage to your property, you do not have to worry at all. Our service is completely insured.

Hand-Picked and Trained Staff

We believe housekeeping is an art which requires distinct physical and mental skills. Being a member of WOW staff is considered to be an achievement for individual in the housekeeping industry in Auckland. After several grueling interview rounds and an astute background check, individuals are commissioned to be a part of our specialized workforce. But that’s not all, each employee undergoes regular trainings to ensure their housekeeping skills are enhanced and polished to match our high standards.

Cost Effective

To live and breathe in a clean and beautiful environment is the birthright of every individual and WOW, strongly, stands by this perception. Our service costs are also a reflection of this perception as all our services are highly affordable and designed to fit your monthly or annual budget. Our clients are often amazed and overjoyed to see our final quotations when they compare it to the level of high quality we bring in our service.

A Human Touch

Surprising our clients by adding a bonus service or leaving a beautiful bunch of your favorite flowers in your bedroom or extending a helping hand when you need it the most, has been a tradition at WOW. For us, housekeeping is more than a process of cleaning floors and making up beds. It is about creating an experience which may live for a day but stay with you in your memories for a lifetime.